EarthAsylum was conceived with the basic belief that this is not how it's supposed to be. With the goal of making a difference and contributing to the success of others, EarthAsylum is poised to expose the reality that work can be and should be a place of self-actualization; a place of excitement and fulfillment; and a place which fosters great business and personal success through mutual growth and opportunity.

On Strengths Based Performance

Our approach to organizational development centers on talent, values, and personality. By discovering each person’s strengths, incorporating them into their daily activities, and working around their weaknesses, each individual can achieve undiscovered performance and satisfaction, become fully engaged in their work, and add to the accomplishments of their organization at levels far beyond current expectations.

On Leadership & Management

As a Leadership Consultant, we will act as a facilitator to help individuals and companies achieve their objectives by clarifying core values and strengths, developing action plans, and by illuminating principles, vision and mission.

As a Management Consultant, we will assist managers in understanding the individuality, personality, and talent of the people they are responsible for. And we will coach managers in recognizing their own values, purpose and talent so that they can achieve lasting success.

On Executive & Managerial Coaching

Our method of coaching is a deliberate activity designed to help individuals develop strategies and habits to increase their value to the organization and to themselves, ultimately leading to a better, more successful, and more satisfying life.

On Information Technology Management

With over 25 years of success in the IT field, we bring a wealth of knowledge and talent to the IT Management arena. From implementing small IT projects to changing and setting the culture of the IT organization and their relationship to the business at large, we have the expertise to help you achieve your IT goals.

“The traditional business model of the top-down organizational chart cannot produce or maintain corporate excellence into the coming era. Tomorrow’s world demands that the chart be turned upside down and that leaders must serve their company by working for their employees to ensure personal engagement in the vision and direction of the company. In order to be successful, companies must find a way to capitalize on the talents and strengths of each individual and to provide an environment that feeds the intrinsic motivations of people by empowering them to let loose their creativity, enthusiasm, and devotion.”-- Kevin Burkholder, Nov. 2005 [more]

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